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Eating to Survive

The Belgic Confession Article 35 sees communion as being a way to partake in spiritual food. Just as bread and wine sustain and nourish our bodies, feasting on Christ in the communion meal by faith sustains and nourish our souls. I believe the most immediate application of this principle in the Church is that we need to be celebrating and partaking in it often! Liberti Center City and Main Line, where I currently serve as a seminary apprentice, is a church that practices communion weekly. Previous churches I have been involved in feared that partaking in the Lord’s Supper so frequently would cause the meal to lose its specialness. Imagine if we applied such logic to our eating habits! “I will only eat one meal a month, or one meal a week. I am concerned that if I eat food any more than that, eating will lose its pleasure.” Malnourishment would run rampant in our society rather than obesity. While overindulgence is certainly a problem when it comes to American eating habits, for our own survival and health, we need to eat several times a day. Fasting cannot be the norm. While I understand the desire to keep the communion meal sacred, our hearts need nourishment. Partaking in the Lord’s Supper once a week is not overindulging. It is sustaining and strengthening our faith.

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