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Lament for Homelessness

Father, have you seen how many of your children have no place to lay their heads? They have no place to lay other than concrete steps. Have you heard the hunger pains of your children, yearning for a table at which to be filled and company with which to dwell? God, where were you when they suffered abuse at the hands of people who should have loved them? Where were you as they placed a needle into their veins? Where were you when the minds you gave them fell apart and splintered? Do you hear the groans of your children? You created a home for our first parents. Now create a home for these multitudes. Plant trees from which they can draw their fruit. Do not let your children remain alone. Heal their fractured minds. Remove the slave-masters they have handed themselves over to. May they know the love of their Father rather than the pain and rejection which have become familiar to them.

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