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Prayer for Philly

Father, as I look out at the beautiful Philly skyline, that old beacon of freedom, peace, and brotherly love, I mourn its fall into violence and poverty. How I long for this city to be a place that knows what it means to have shalom before its Creator, to know the agape of Christ. I look forward to a day when the entire city is a canopy of unity, rather than geographically divided by ethnicity. I wait pateintly for the day when no one has to sleep a night on the front porch of a business, when all are fed at your table, when the homeless of Center City and the affluent of the Main Line can sit together as equals. Turn the heads of those in the suburbs from the race to be at the top, to look the best on the outside, so that they might know the fulfillment of all their desires in you. Fill us with hope for your Kingdom. Show the peace that passes all understanding to the students of Villanova, Eastern, Temple, Cabrini, Rosemont, and Drexel as they anxiously work towards the end of their semesters. Give us a vision for a day when this city will truly be known as a place of brotherly and sisterly love despite differing ages, ethnicities, socio-economic status, and background. Fill the marketplace with people who have encountered your mercy and seek to work out their daily lives in light of your grace. As we look forward to the day when this city truly becomes your city, open our eyes to where your Spirit is at work, in Rittenhouse Square, in Reading Terminal, so that we might join in your mission to our city and see the resurrection you are beginning to bring to our neighborhoods.

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