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Jesus Proclaimed

Jesus sets Himself on the level of the people He is ministering to in such a way that the scribes and Pharisees are offended. Surely, He must be contaminated welcoming and sitting at table with sinners? The good news for them is that they are welcomed at the table of God even when their neighbors have ostracized them. In fact, He goes out looking for those that are lost. But that call isn’t just to the sinners. He invites the bigoted and self-righteous to the table of God. He brings His good news by interacting with those He ministers to at a personal level. He frames the good news in stories drawn from their daily lives. For the religious leaders, He reasons with them from the Scriptures they themselves know well. But Jesus did not merely deliver the good news on their own terms. He allowed it to confront them on ways their lives diverged from its call.

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