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Publication Announcement: Calvin Theological Journal

For those of you who have followed this blog for any length of time might remember a 6-part series on the atonement titled Why Did Jesus Die? I was immensely helped by a contemporary theologian Josh McNall, who had written an excellent academic book title The Mosaic of the Atonement. Shortly after I completed my blog series, Prof. McNall released a popular level treatment of the atonement called How Jesus Saves. I found this short work to be a wonderful guide to the richness of how we are saved by Jesus' death that I commend to any Christian to read. I wrote a review to that effect in the academic journal of my alma mater, Calvin Theological Seminary. I am grateful to be included in the latest volume of such an excellent journal. Here was my conclusion on McNall's newest book:

"This book is an excellent introduction to the good news of Jesus’ death for lay Christians and a helpful guide for pastors looking for aid in explaining these concepts to their congregants who do not have the opportunity to engage McNall’s previous academic work. It is also suitable as a small-group curriculum. Each chapter ends with Scripture passages to meditate on and discussion questions. McNall has done the church a service by making scholarly discussions about atonement accessible and by introducing readers to models from various Christian traditions. Reformed Christians will expand their understanding of the Atonement to include models such as recapitulation, Christus Victor, and moral influence while fully retaining penal substitution."

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