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Prayer for Nice

Father, we come to you with heavy hearts as we witness yet another act of violence in our world. We pray for the people of Nice, that you would be with them during this tragedy. We commit the souls of the dead to you, trusting in your mercy and your good judgments. We pray for their families, that you would assuage their grief, and help them to find their hope in the resurrection of Christ and the future resurrection of the dead.

We pray for the wounded, that you would touch and heal them as you have in the past. Give wisdom to the doctors and nurses as they endeavor to save these precious lives. Show them what needs to be done in order to care for these individuals. We also pray for their families, that you would give them peace, and that they would trust in your healing power. Calm their anxious minds in a way that passes all understanding, and we ask that you would show the same mercy to those who do not yet know where their loved ones are.

We pray for the government of France. Guid their leadership as they continue to search for ways to keep their nation safe. Give them strength as they clean the aftermath of this horrid act and seek to bring healing to their land. Show them the truth as they continue to investigate what has happened. Bind the people of France together and to her allies, as they continue to be a society that promotes freedom and justice. We also pray for the clergy of Nice, that they would speak of the good news of Christ to comfort those who mourn, who worry, and who trust in you. May more people come to know the mercy of Christ in the aftermath of this tragedy through their testimony.

We pray for those who hold to an aberration of the truth that leads them to commit violence. Open their eyes to the error of their ways. Lead them to repentance for their murderous deeds, and lead them into the gracious arms of Christ. Destroy the power that evil has over these men and women, and set them free from the tyranny they remain under. We entrust the soul of Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel to you and to your good judgments. Please, bring peace to our world uner teh reign of Christ. Come, Lord Jesus, in whose name we pray, Amen.

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