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The world around us seems to be out of control. Each election cycle, a variety of groups who feel they are losing control lash out with their rhetoric and their votes whether it be against the billionaire class, the Republicans or Democrats, or progressives. None of our governments are in control as the President of the United States is under criminal investigation and the politics of Europe are shifting dramatically in unexpected ways. Acts of terrorism occur around the world frequently. Our climate is in flux as can be seen by the plethora of natural disasters which have ravaged countries all over the world. None of us are in control and despite our attempts to regain political control by the group which promises to best represent our own concerns, the situation remains the same. However, having faith in Christ means we have a King who holds all power over our governments and even the waves of the sea. We have a loving Father who has our best interest in sight. His care for us exceeds ensuring we are materially comfortable but frees us of setting our hopes on things and people which let us done and only serve to bring us anxiety. To Him, the worst disaster is not a surprise. The very things we fear will destroy us can be used for our good by a loving Father who has gone to such lengths on our behalf He has given us His Son, Jesus, to set us free from all the worries, pain, sin, and death which weigh us down.

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